Monday, 7 May 2018

Shy little violet

Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds, 

on the heel that has crushed it 

Mark Twain 

Monday, 23 April 2018

The world goes on

Last night
the moon shone 

like a bright ,
soft pearl 

shining through the attic window.

Looking up at it

I thought of the raw, harsh edges

life has thrown at us.

Sleepless nights,
days coloured in with worry.

And then those words, 

those ageless

God is your guardian, 

right at your side to protect you.

Shielding you from sunstroke and sheltering you from moonstroke.

He guards your very life.

Into sleep I fell






Saturday, 17 February 2018

Solomon's Song 2:11

On the day the snow came

I realised that all of our days

had melted,

into one.

Or so it seemed.

I stood,

gazing  out at the hills

far away

as down the snowflakes fell ~


everyone different;

each one unique from the other.

My heart felt alone,

and strangely empty.

So much pain, so much suffering

so many angry, unnecessary words spoken.

At times I had to dissociate from

this present world,

from phrases like

* he might not survive this*
* he might not pull through *

To a place of safety

where the sky was bright like a mirror

and razor sharp with hope.

To sandy beaches

where the sea breeze caught  my hair,

smelled of salt

and star fished nets

and home.

Suddenly ,

the winter was over and gone

the spring flowers were singing like a choir

and I heard you say

Rise up my love,

my fair one;

and come away 

Thursday, 28 December 2017

Hidden deep

Holding on to the season
of Christmas
like a treasured bauble
hidden deep in my hand
When asked what season
I love most,
it for now,
is Winter.
Padding downstairs
to eat buttered toast and Apricot Jam
on rye.
Bittersweet coffee with steam
spiralling upwards,
those Heavenly angel wings.

The sweet scent of our Christmas tree
every time
I pass the open door of the front room
and the radio,
carolling just loud enough to hear.
Reading a dog eared copy
of The Chronicles of Narnia
humbled by the fact that
CS Lewis
lived a stone's throw away.
This season
now the
Ghost of Christmas past

Sunday, 3 December 2017

When winter comes

When winter comes
it brings

that special  blue grey, 
afternoon light and

the cold, diamond sun .

All of the seasons

with it's promise of new life

sand in my toes and 
the cry of the seagull, chips from a paper bag.

Fall, the ending of something
yet the promise of beginnings
hiding shyly 
in the shadows.

when Winter comes
she brings  
the crackle of frost underfoot

lifting out the Christmas baubles
wrapped in silent memories 
of years
long gone.

The much loved sound of Carols
on the radio ,
that particular noise of wrapping paper
being taken from a 
Christmas present.

All these,
Winter comes

Sunday, 12 November 2017


The sky is

shell pink 

outside the window

and the Kerry air, 

as they say ~ 

is like Champagne.

All these dreams 
are sown into 
the pockets of my hearts

days we've spent 
driving through the 
savage beauty of Ireland.

let's make them
you said.

I don't know if anyone
can understand,
but my heart! 

The church is ringing it's bells
and the house is silent.

The salt of the sea
steals in 
through the window
to where the one
my heart loves,
lies sleeping. 


Darling don't rush.

Friday, 15 September 2017



like the night fox.

Listening to the sounds of the city and

wondering how noise

can be quiet.

Autumn has entered through the door

bringing her soft,

misty mornings.

Church spires poking the early sky

and coffee scent stealing up the stairs.

All these little rituals.

Our day to day livings.

Some times even words,

fail to express the fullness

of the human heart.

Shy little violet

Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds,  on the heel that has crushed it  Mark Twain