Friday, 27 March 2015

In the afternoon light

The birds sing their morning song

to the traffic

as I drive to work,

watching  the huddled masses

standing in the bus shelters

earphones in,

drowning out God's iTunes.

I wonder why.

These days are sprinkled

with the pink light of spring.

I can't get enough of music,

endless hours of Chopin~

Hans Zimmer, Beethoven

I could listen forever.

Music pours over me as I wipe a strand

of hair away from my face

when caring for an elderly patient~

I look at them

and wonder what songs of love

made their  heart skip a beat?

What a tender disease,

love is.

I think on these days flying by,

how I've felt like a violin string

pulled tight,

taut to the point of breaking.

But then..

The beauty returns

it comes in many shapes and forms




Cherry blossom beginning to bloom,

it will fall like heavenly angel debris

from the singing sky.







to listen

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Somewhere a star shines for me


Like an orchestra

playing on repeat in my head.

The Californian sunsets.

Carmel and it's coffee houses.

The pier at Santa Monica.

Golden Gate Bridge at San Francisco .

Coffee  while watching a million stars at Yosemite National Park.

Driving the Big Sur while my

darling slept gently at my side.

Hearing the ocean break hundreds of feet

beneath me and praying to The Lord Jesus

that he would keep us safe until

we got home.

My son once said

* Mom, I've no idea how you drove that , all alone.*

Nor do I.

These memories, however.

Always, always with me.

Knowing that somewhere,






Saturday, 7 March 2015

Come summer come









The lonely trees

with silent boughs

and memories

of birds

long vanished.

To take away the sharp shards of life
this week

I drank at the river of language
it's elegance renewing me
and giving life,

once more.


let's love

what we love




Sunday, 1 March 2015

The sweet edges

Here they are,

the sweet edges of Sunday.

The kind light of the 
first day of March 

is stealing through the attic windows

as I enjoy the gift 
I give to myself,
quiet solitude.

The days of this year
move on,
regardless of us.

I leave earlier than I need to
every day for work
just to see the shell pink dawn
bless that particular church spire I love.

I find such comfort 
in that, 
my ability to see the beauty in it all.

A gift no one ~
no one, 

can steal from me.

The snowdrops in each day.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Hush now

Hush now,
if you will ~
to the sound of two young hearts in love
and beating as one.

I gazed out at snow filled fields
and the sun dying to a flame of orange,
listening to my heart~
my mother heart.

Seeing down the tunnel of time
to when he cut his first tooth
and took his first step

those pivotal moments
in not only his life,
but mine.

Then :
the years sweeping past
like speed skaters on a rink of glass
and all of a sudden he stands before me
a handsome young man
with his dreams wrapped around his heart.

This life, this love.
The never ending circle

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Love , like a ribbon

Love tied itself

around my wrist like a ribbon.

On the day of love

( as the world says it should be)

the sun hit my heart like a gong

wakening me once more

to the newness of it all.

Dreaming of the month

when we escape away

to a little cottage

where the wind rose blooms.

There will be
lobster pots
and gulls circling high

and ( hopefully)

the sun shining  like a noonday star.

Love, like a ribbon.

Tied around us.


Sunday, 1 February 2015

Tell me now, what you see

All across the land

we were transported through a virtual wardrobe

to Narnia

in all it's snow clad beauty.

There is something magical about snow,

( perhaps not to those in North East America :)

but to those of us who get a sprinkling of this wonderful glitter

filled with pockets of diamonds;

it's majestic beauty and silence.

As I drove to work each morning

loving our only world

single leaves on the bough~

the gentle morning star,

and streets kissed with beauty.

Tell me now,

what did you see?