Saturday, 20 August 2016

Down the narrow lane

I am amazed ~

at how the titles for this
blog just randomly jump into my head.

I was driving home from town
last Friday and saw a girl
pushing a stroller down a narrow lane.

There you are.

That's how it happened.

Just like that.

I"m stunned to think how fast these days are passing.

it's almost vacation time again.

The years
they come
they go

and ~

I wish I had
a million pockets in my heart
to sew in




Sunday, 26 June 2016


We wait 

for the flash of colour

on the sky

66 days until vacation

and I've learned one thing

that I want 

to go 


Friday, 17 June 2016

All the bright angels

I'm sitting in the garden

thinking that summer time
is so perfect.

Far away I hear the strains
of the ice cream truck ~

the tune it's playing is
* match of the day*
and I think that's strange.

aeroplanes fly .
Taking people to exotic destinations.

The birds are tweeting in the trees
and soon,
you will be home from work.


I'll rise then
and pour you
a glass of sunshine.

Suddenly my thoughts
leap 5000 miles across oceans and seas

to where my son now lives.

In a land full of palm trees and beaches and super moons
at night.

Suddenly my heart aches a little for him.

The distance, so acute.

I look up.

You are home.

All the bright angels
dance around your head.

Sunday, 29 May 2016

Where mermaids wait

Shivers of expectancy
as the
days grow longer
and the sun beats down warm
on us all.

Today we went to the sea
and there,
we told it our stories ~

every secret,
that we ever held.

We set our shells
at the ocean's edge and watched

as the waves
washed over them
carrying them away

down to the cool blue
silent depths

where mermaids wait
with glistening hair
and bracelets

of all the secrets of the world

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Forget the stars

Focus on this day
the music rolling
around the walls of the room
almost like hearing
the sound of
a faraway thunder.

Inside this room
that the sun has turned
to the colour of ochre
I'm swimming deep in memories

Down I go to the
sea bed of my heart

where  sea grasses move~

they are the
weeping willows of the ocean.

What dreams may come,
this day?

Sometimes the beauty
and the sheer depth of life, love ~
overwhelm me
almost like dissociation

as I swim down to the cool depths
of Heaven's sea





Tuesday, 26 April 2016

In silence we hear so much


when a motorbike stops

in the early hours~

or when a baby stops crying.

Silence, when words  can say 

no more.

The  sea

when seagulls fly

against the wind.

After a snowfall,

that quiet.

Last night when you came home

I imagined you smelled of wildlfowers 
and little birds.

I was silent.


Saturday, 16 April 2016


rain ~
showers ~
and sometimes,

( and only then)
I'll sit in our front room
wrapping cold fingers
around a steaming cup of coffee
and watch,
as the world walks past.

The crazy cat lady
who lives down our road
scurries by
talking to her imaginary friend.

How everything gleams
in this early morning light!
The rust red rooftops
the silver glint of a seagull's wings
as it flies silently by

I quietly say my prayers
for a little girl
just new to this April world
her name
falling from my lips.

through the glass
I see the tops of the trees

their glittering leaves
shining with the remnants

of an April shower.

I rise,

I leave the room.

And dream.