Sunday, 22 February 2015

Hush now

Hush now,
if you will ~
to the sound of two young hearts in love
and beating as one.

I gazed out at snow filled fields
and the sun dying to a flame of orange,
listening to my heart~
my mother heart.

Seeing down the tunnel of time
to when he cut his first tooth
and took his first step

those pivotal moments
in not only his life,
but mine.

Then :
the years sweeping past
like speed skaters on a rink of glass
and all of a sudden he stands before me
a handsome young man
with his dreams wrapped around his heart.

This life, this love.
The never ending circle

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Love , like a ribbon

Love tied itself

around my wrist like a ribbon.

On the day of love

( as the world says it should be)

the sun hit my heart like a gong

wakening me once more

to the newness of it all.

Dreaming of the month

when we escape away

to a little cottage

where the wind rose blooms.

There will be
lobster pots
and gulls circling high

and ( hopefully)

the sun shining  like a noonday star.

Love, like a ribbon.

Tied around us.


Sunday, 1 February 2015

Tell me now, what you see

All across the land

we were transported through a virtual wardrobe

to Narnia

in all it's snow clad beauty.

There is something magical about snow,

( perhaps not to those in North East America :)

but to those of us who get a sprinkling of this wonderful glitter

filled with pockets of diamonds;

it's majestic beauty and silence.

As I drove to work each morning

loving our only world

single leaves on the bough~

the gentle morning star,

and streets kissed with beauty.

Tell me now,

what did you see?

Monday, 26 January 2015

When love lives with us

The snow on the tops of the hills

looked so pretty

yet so far away ~

He who made it,
waits where love is.

Today has a milky dreaminess to it,
my eldest son got engaged.

Such joy !

I took a walk  to the grocers and bought some
pink lady apples
smiling all the while.

Beauty soaked out of my veins.

Yesterday the light shone softly
on the hair of my beloved.


all the day long.

Sunday, 18 January 2015


The days come and go

like silver fishes swimming

in a baby blue lake.

So fast.

Half of January gone.

My earrings lie silent on the night stand

beside a pile of still to be read books.

Far away I hear a dog bark.

Last night I dreamed
I was sitting under a huge oak tree
high high,
on the top of a hill.

I was laying on a red gingham blanket
and above, the sky as blue as turquoise.

I sat up ~
below I could see a valley
full of what looked
like tiny,
lego houses.

I drank wine from a small cup
and felt like Alice in Wonderland.

Rather like falling down
the rabbit hole,

into paradise

Sunday, 11 January 2015

A certain silence

Across the field of hope

the Church bell remains silent

even the wind
seems quieter than before.

With each morning
comes that falling in love again.

The endless possibilities

All that I love of life
the scent of the coffee pot
and the cinnamon candle
I lit earlier ~
now wafting,

In the dim warehouse
where memory lives
if feels as though such joy
will spill out,
through the open doors.

So much love,
and a certain silence.

There is barely enough room,
on the walls of the heart

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

January Joys

Being off work for a few days
when everyone else has returned

A cold  sun sitting low
in the cloudless sky

My knitting
and peace and quiet to do it

Watching tv shows back to back

My husband's ( slow ) return to good mental health

Signing up for a new knitting class

Velvet evenings
and laced edged mornings

Leaning into the half light of each day
loving the wisdom that I sometimes feel
in my fingers when I write

All these,
January Joys.

How sweet they are.